2011 Annual Meeting

Wed, 2011-11-02 18:47 -- Harmony Tribe
Section of Rangoli at SHF

All are welcome to the Harmony Tribe Annual Meeting and Elections

Meeting information:


Meeting Agenda:

  1. Establish Quorum (25% of voting members must be present or participating by phone)
  2. Agenda Approval, to include any additions of new business
  3. Minutes Approval from the last meeting of the Council
  4. Treasurer's Annual Financial Report
  5. Approve voting membership list (current members are all included, by exception this year only)
  6. Approve new 2011 Council Members at Large
  7. Vote to approve the current PPD.
  8. Accept Nominations for Officers (Must be a current 2011 Council Member to be nominated)
  9. Establish election officials, Election of officers : Scribe, Bursar, and Steward
  10. Sign up for Standing Committees (see List of Committees below):
  11. Officers vote to approve 2011 Council Members who have volunteered as 2012 Council Members at Large
  12. Adjourn

List of Committees:

  • Events
  • Membership
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Committee
  • Administrative Committee
  • or to assist officers in duties

After adjournment if there is time remaining, the Committees may meet and establish schedules, Chairs, or review task lists.

Please remember that if you are a 2011 Harmony Tribe member, your membership will expire after the Annual Meeting. You will need to sign a membership application and submit dues to continue as a member. We will be taking membership applications at the Annual Meeting.

Our new bylaws and policies provide for three levels of membership:

  1. Paid Member: Has paid dues, and signed the process covenant. Receives basic benefits of Membership and is a supporter.
  2. Voting Member: A Paid Member who has joined before May first and completed 10 hours of volunteer contribution before the end of SHF. A Voting Member can then vote in the Annual Meeting and elections next year, 2012
  3. Council Member at Large: A Paid Member who wishes to be involved in Harmony Tribe Governance, and vote as part of the Council. Unless you become a 2011 Council Member at Large, and are approved for 2012 at the annual meeting, you must attend at least two council meetings, and join a committee or take on an approved task and request to be added to qualify as one. The council can have up to 24 Council Members at large. Paid members can attend and speak at Council Meetings, but will no longer be able to vote at Council Meetings If you wish to become a Council Member at Large for 2011, you can then be nominated for any of the three officers of Harmony Tribe, and also be immediately approved as a 2012 Council Member at Large by joining a committee at the annual meeting. Please monitor this email list and website links over the next month for information about how to help Harmony Tribe govern itself, for you to become involved, and to meet the commitments made to ourselves and our HT community while following our values developed at our restorative justice circle. You will receive information to request 2011 Council Member at Large status, an HT Membership application, current PPD for consideration, our election process, and more! Join us for our annual meeting. We will be electing our new council members and all current members are eligible to vote!

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