4th Stone Soup Meetup April 8th - The Ritual of Dance

Wed, 2014-04-02 15:45 -- Harmony Tribe

Harmony Tribe will facilitate this next meetup at the Eye of Horus April 8th!

This event at the Eye of Horus keeps growing each month, and attracting new and different people each time. Put Tuesday April 8th on your schedule for next month. Our topic, "The Ritual of Dance".

This week's Harmony Tribe Meet-Up will be centered around the ritual and ritual use of dance.  We will learn about movement of energy through the movement of the body.  Then, we will put this to use by having a basic circle through the use of dance.  It will be a very relaxed atmosphere, so ritual garb is not necessary.  If you have mobility problems, not to worry, as most of the dance that we are focusing on will be flexible to include everyone.

We would love to see you there!

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 Bring a friend for twice the fun. Time to get out of the house, meet some new people, and enjoy what Minnesotan is all about... fellowship in the depth of winter!


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