About Harmony Tribe

Harmony Tribe - Our Values

Harmony Tribe is a welcoming and diverse spiritual organization that embraces honesty, compassion, and inclusiveness. Through accountability and transparency we demonstrate respect for ourselves, our community, and that which we hold sacred.

What brings us together

Harmony Tribe (est. 1998) was started simply as a group of individuals who came together for the common purpose of hosting a magic Pagan festival during the harvest season: the Sacred Harvest Festival.

While many among us explore diverse and various Pagan religion paths including Shamanism, Wicca and other Earth-based and Earth-friendly beliefs, we all share the same common ground philosophically and spiritually. Come and experience creating something beyond yourself: the building of a tribal community!

We welcome all who embrace nature spirituality in some form. Acceptance is our desire; tolerance, respect and love is our rule.

How we work together

Our Tribe is currently undergoing a renewal, and we look forward to the input of our Members on improvements in organization and structure. Our process has bound us into a Tribal Community. Our tribe is organized and coordinated by the Harmony Tribe Council, which is composed of three member-elected Officers and up to 24 Council Members at Large

The Council commits to a 52-week term and the duration of one festival. Harmony Tribe Members and Volunteers organize into committees to accomplish the tasks of our mission. For contact information to your council, please refer to the directory below.

What we are

Harmony Tribe is a non-profit organization registered in the state of Minnesota. Harmony Tribe is established exclusively for charitable, religious, and educational purposes for practitioners of earth-centered spiritualities.

This is accomplished through:

  • Hosting a yearly gathering and other events to facilitate opportunities for spiritual growth and development
  • Co-creating an inclusive community for people who support Harmony Tribe’s values
  • and Engaging and informing members and the general public about our activities and purpose.


Our Governance

Harmony Tribe has a Council of leaders. The Tribe believes in diffusion of power to involve as many voices in decisions and execution as possible. The Council includes Members at Large and three official roles (required by the State of Minnesota):

  • Steward: Elected by voting Tribe members and responsible for maintaining state tax-related documents and ensuring meetings occur as required by state regulations
  • Bursar: Elected by voting Tribe members and responsible for maintaining financial documentation and accounting as required by state regulations
  • Scribe: Elected by voting Tribe members and responsible for minutes of meetings and maintenance of original and backup copies of organizational documents
  • Council Member at Large: Elected by Council and responsible for supporting the Tribe in providing direction and executing events
  • Paid Member: A Paid member votes in annual elections and can contribute to any committee. Paid Members have signed an application and the Harmony Tribe Process Covenant, paid dues, and been accepted. All Council members must be Paid Members.
  • Provisional Member: Someone who has applied for membership and paid dues after Sacred Harvest Festival (for the following tribal year). A provisional member is welcome to participate in Harmony Tribe before the annual meeting, but has no rights or responsibilities and cannot vote for officers at the annual meeting. They become a Paid Member after the annual meeting.

For detailed information and copies of our organizational documents, please visit our Governance page