Check out the Workshop Wizard!

Sat, 2013-06-08 12:07 -- Harmony Tribe

The sun is shining, the clock is ticking, the days of summer are flying by.  As we realize that only a few short weeks lay between now and fest, we process registrations and plan ways to fill the week with mirth and reverence using the nifty new planning tool Mark the wizard and Nels have devised.  You can use it too!  Here's how...

Want to submit a workshop but don't want it to conflict with one by Ezmerelda?    Want to make sure you don't miss Kenny's concert or Teo's ritual?  If you have something to share, whether it's an introduction to your patron deity or your sure fire spell for prosperity, now you can decide when and where.  This year we are offering an early riser's workshop opportunity, and three time slots for the afternoon, each up to an hour and a half long, with half an hour travel time in between.  Click the menu item on the left toolbar, SHF Workshop Info, and start planning now!

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