Crystal Blanton - Restorative Justice #2 at Sacred Harvest Festival

Thu, 2012-07-26 10:51 -- Harmony Tribe
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Harmony Tribe is elated to announce Crystal Blanton is returning to SHF, and with her whole family! Crystal missed us all, and decided to return to our community as an informal guest of Harmony Tribe this year. She will help us by offering a revisit of our RJ circle process from last year. Crystal also plans to offer some training in Restorative Circle process and a “Circle Keeper” intensive during the festival. Read about last years RJ Circle at SHF

The RJ circle will take place Thursday August 9th, from 11am until approximately 12.30pm :

Sustain, Renew and Practice; Healing Community Circle Part Deux– Crystal Blanton

Participate in a Restorative Justice Circle that reinforces the bonds of community and solidarity that were discussed in last year’s festival. Using our skills to maintain a supportive, empathetic and healthier community, we will engage in the restorative justice process of community building and
healing. Having a cohesive community means we have to work to sustain it, sustaining our community means we actively engage in the process and maintenance. Be a part of another glimpse of the application of this process by being a part of the experience. (Note: you do not have to have
been at last year’s restorative justice healing circle to participate).

Harmony Tribe has chosen to open up this event to the community. Anyone, with a past or present relationship with HT, SHF, or the broader tribal community we serve, who wishes to fully participate in this circle can attend. Crystal asks those new to this circle, or to the restorative justice process to arrive by 10am so she can meet with you in advance and access your needs. Harmony Tribe will issue guest credentials at the gate for the time period between 10am and 1pm and asks a free will donation for participating in this gift from Crystal.

Message Crystal on Facebook for more information.

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