Early SHF arrival for Atchingtan Site Builders!

Mon, 2015-05-18 12:11 -- Harmony Tribe

How do you build a festival? Together!

The friends of Atchingtan have already started planning the festival facilities and clearing camping areas. This summer Harmony Tribe and "pioneer" participants are joining them onTHREE special advance weekends;

June 11-14th, June 26 - 28, and July 10 - 12.

Festivants that come to up to Atchingtan for at least one full day* will qualify for the 'Working Weekend' registration benefit at Sacred Harvest Festival. The festival opens on Monday morning at noon, but those qualifying "pioneers" will be able to enter the festival on Sunday morning August 2nd. Pioneers have free overnight camping at Atchingtan these working weekends!


*** Plan to contribute at least seven hours to Atchingtan/Sacred Harvest Festival infrastructure for each day and person attending to qualify for early arrival at SHF. Each evening features a pot luck community feast, and drum and dance fire into the night.

Atchingtan is located about 13 miles West of Finlayson, MN, about 90 minutes from the Twin Cities (#14730, 135th Lane, Finlayson, MN 55735 ). Please CONTACT Harmony Tribe, or Atchingtan in advance for specific directions, when to arrive, tools to bring, and what to expect!


Catalyst Camp

Creek View

Creek View


Field Camping

Oak Tree


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