Event Feedback

Tue, 2012-08-14 18:59 -- Harmony Tribe

Our events are built by our Tribe. Please provide feedback, suggestions, ideas, or anything else that could help us to improve our events in the future.

We particularly need to know about your festival experience :

  • ~ How was your arrival, were you made to feel welcome?
  • ~ Did you attend workshops and like our guests this year? Which ones?
  • ~ Did you like the variety of rituals this year, and attend them?
  • ~ Did you attend the talent show and concerts?
  • ~ Do you enjoy major programming events like the Rangoli ?
  • ~ What is the one thing you enjoy the most about SHF?
  • ~ What is your priority for improving our new festival site and its layout?
  • ~ Is there anything that would keep you away next year?
What event are you providing feedback for (select "General Feedback" if your feedback is not related to a specific event).
Please provide your feedback, suggestions, or whatever you would like to tell us here.
If we can follow up with you on your feedback, please leave your E-mail here.