The Festivant Shrines of SHF 2012

Festivants at SHF 2012 were asked to create shrines as part of the festival theme: “Unveiling the Sacred, Immersed in the Luminous Light of Love” and they sprouted like fall mushrooms after a rain.

At least twenty five festivant shrines appeared expressing worship and devotion to deity. The shrines had to be sought out in both public and hidden spaces. Some shrines had a clear focus, others were a reminder of our diversity. These photos on a windy day give a casual look, at night they transformed and were all lit and tended, and offerings of incense and libation graced many of them. Some grew as the week progressed, others disappeared or re-appeared in new forms.

Sweatlodge Altar

Mama Shrine Closeup

Wolfie's  Shrine

Fairy Shrine Rangoli - Closeup

Mystery Shrine

Goddess Shrine

Nature Shrine

Lodge Tree  Shrine

Aphrodite Shrine - Closeup

Eris Weasle Shrine

Ganesha Temple

Epona Shrine

Lilith - Cybele - Papa Legba Shrine

The HooDoo Temple

Cernunnos Shrine - Closeup

Sweatlodge Ancestor Shrine

Mama Shrine

Buddha Shrine

Fairy Shrine

Pan Shrine

Rose and Antler Shrine

Pentacle Shrine

Lodge Tree Shrine - Closup

Aphrodite Shrine

Grove Shrine

Ganesha Shrine - Closeup

HooDoo Love Shrine

HooDoo Prosperity Shrine

Cernunnos Shrine