Harmony Tribe Annual Meeting Oct 18. 2-5 PM

Tue, 2014-09-30 09:28 -- rachaelgoodman

Do you want to get involved in Harmony Tribe?  Are you interested in the changes that are taking place?  Come to the annual meeting and see what it is all about.


we will be meeting at Black Bear Crossing in Como Park on Oct 18, from 2 to 5 PM in the Larry Kito Community Room.  Their website is www.blackbearcrossings.com.

Black Bear Crossings on the Lake 
Como Lakeside Pavilion
1360 North Lexington Parkway
St. Paul, Minnesota 55103

We will be discussing the future of Sacred Harvest Festival a well as voting for the leadership for Harmony Tribe.  With all the changes going on this is your chance to get your voice heard on ideas and input for the months and years to come.


See "Next Council Meeting" for details.  http://harmonytribe.org/content/next-council-meeting


Come join us!

Harmony Tribe Inc.

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