Harmony Tribe Annual Meeting Results / Next Council Meeting

Mon, 2011-11-07 10:14 -- Harmony Tribe


Harmony Tribe Annual Meeting

A quorum was present yesterday, Sunday Nov. 6th for the HT Annual Meeting. After a delayed start the meeting moved rapidly though business items including minutes approval, Approval of yearly Policies and Procedure document changes (PPD) and approval of additional 2011 Council Members at Large... fifteen in total.
Reaching the election phase, the group voted to move off the record to informally talk about possible nominees, their talents and availabilities. It was a great change from the past experience of campaigning for positions of authority to seeking candidates for officers of service. We then proceeded with nominations, acceptances, and elections.

Election results:

Bursar:  Lynn Albright
Scribe : Shandelle McDuffie
Steward:   Judith Olson-Linde


   After the election the then Council of Three appointed by vote the remaining 12 Council Members at Large, making a 2012 HT Council of 15 at his date. Each then renewed their Membership if needed and all signed the HT Process covenant and signed up for a committee or task to contribute to.
With the upcoming Meet and Greet next Sunday, Nov 13th, at the SPC 2pm, it was decided a brief meeting prior to help get committees organized and cover any pressing business.

HT Council Meeting announcement:

Next Meeting at 12.30pm - 1.30pm at the Cupcake 3338 University Avenue Southeast  Minneapolis, MN 55414-3331,  612-378-4818.  All members are welcome and join us as we move to the SPC at 1.30pm to set up for the Meet N Greet!

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