Harmony Tribe Annual Meeting, Sunday Oct 20th, 2013 2.30pm BBC

Sun, 2013-10-06 20:05 -- Harmony Tribe
Harmony Tribe Members, and the Public are invited to attend the Harmony Tribe, Inc. Annual Meeting!

Date: Sunday October 20th, 2013  -  2.30 pm -  5:00 pm
 Location: Black Bear Crossings - 1360 N. Lexington Parkway, St.Paul MN.  55103

 Easy to miss! It is on the lake in Como Park, watch for year round  restaurant sign, meet in basement

This is a great opportunity to see how Harmony Tribe functions, get to know the new Council, and consider how to get involved in Harmony Tribe for the 2014 year.

Introduction by HT Steward Judy Olson-Linde "Harmony Tribe in 2013"

 1) *** Establish Quorum (25% of voting members must be present or participating  by phone.  If you want to use the call-in voting option you need to arrange that in advance...please post it to the forum!)
 2) Agenda Approval, to include any additions of new business
 3) Minutes Approval from the last meeting of the Council
 4) Treasurer's Annual Financial Report
 5) Certify voting membership list (Members log into Forum to see approved member list )
 6) Renewal of Memberships for 2013 - ( Bring your checkbook or renew online prior to the meeting! )
 7) Vote to approve the current PPD. Check forum for text of 2012 changes to be approved
 8) Accept Nominations for Officers (Must be a current 2012 Council Member to be nominated)
 9) Establish election officials,   Election of officers : Scribe, Bursar, and Steward 
 10) Sign up for Standing Committees : Events, Membership, Organization and Marketing

      (In  addition members may sign up to assist Officers in their duties)

 12) New Business :
  •  Consider Sacred Harvest Festival Theme suggestions
  • Confirm Meet N Greet event location and date
  • Set Agenda and location for Nov. Oct 27th council meeting          
 13) Adjourn



*** Harmony Tribe Members - Please log in and visit the members forum for  voting and nominating qualification lists, a sample ballot for elections, and information on participation by phone at the annual meeting!

This article is considered official notice of Harmony Tribe, Inc. Annual Meeting!


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