Harmony Tribe Ostara Ritual at SPC and at Paganicon

Wed, 2012-03-21 14:38 -- Harmony Tribe

Harmony Tribe wishes to thank the Sacred Paths Center and the forty folks who joined us for the Ostara Ritual at the SPC. The ritual was well received and made for a joyous Sabbat and feast!  Generous donations were collected for the center.

We also thank TC Pagan Pride for working with us to present the ' Dance of the Snake '  ritual to kick off the Paganicon Ball Saturday night.  We helped energize about 60 participants to start the ball out with gusto! Many folks felt the addition of ritual to support Paganicon programming was a great addition to the event, and we enjoyed offering it. We look forward to working with TCPP in the future!

Harmony Tribe's main task is the production of Sacred Harvest Festival each year, but the addition of  these rituals to our public ritual at Yule gives us the opportunity to touch many of our year round supporters with a gift of our vision and mission.  Thanks to all who helped make these events such a success!

See you at the HOTB Mayday Parade!

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