Harmony Tribe Store Help Page

Questions about our products? Problem with the store?

Please contact us at our Contact Page and someone should get back to you within a few days.


Event Refund Policy

If you need to cancel your reservation for an event, please visit the Contact Page and send us a Store Help request including your order number, user name, and E-mail address.

  1. Refunds are available only until 3 weeks prior to the festival start date, and
  2. Equal the cost previously paid by the registrant -15% to cover HT administration  expenses
  3.  Any requests after the 3 week date can be considered by HT, but are not guaranteed.

Event Registrations are specific !

When you register for a Harmony Tribe event, it is for a specific name and date. If the name(s) you register for are not on our gate list, they don't gain admittance!  Registrations are not transferrable to another person or date, nor can they be divided among several individuals.

Weekend SHF Registrations

If you wish to extend your weekend pass or three day pass to SHF, you can :

  1. add 1 (ONE) day using our "Add a Day" pass for $25 in advance, and arrive Wednesday from 6-9pm with a weekend pass
  2. add 1 or more days using our "Add a Day" pass for $25 in advance, and arrive 9 am for extra days
  3. We do not now offer a five day pass, use the above to create the time span you wish to attend!