Help Fund Festival Improvements!

Tue, 2017-01-31 15:38 -- Harmony Tribe

Help Harmony Tribe Create New Community Space!

Harmony Tribe is celebrating its 20th year of providing spiritual and educational opportunities for worshipers of nature based religions this summer. Over this time we have grown, restructured,  becoming a 501c3, tax-deductible non-profit group. Two years ago we decided to leave our established festival home in Southern Minnesota and establish a new site location, with supportive and spiritually aligned hosts in Northern Minnesota. It has been an invaluable move, many of our tribe actively connecting to our festival home Atchingtan by volunteering to aid in its development. Today our festival infra-structure and capital equipment is old and failing.

For the first time ever we are humbled to ask for your help.

We need $4800 to update our infra-structure and continue to develop our festival site. We need a new and weather secure commercial community space tent, and long term structures for shaded workshop areas. Our vision is to also incorporate renewable resources and alternative energy concepts into meeting our site needs. We want to store all our equipment and resources locally, without energy input needed to haul, protect, or maintain it. With careful investment in these areas now, we will streamline our out of pocket site expenses and be able to invest our income in developing and growing our spiritual community.

We know the experiences we offer people are highly appreciated and valued.  What is the future of a spiritual community worth?

Please vist our funding site, where 100% of your donations will go toward our site improvement needs. There are wondeful gifts available at several levels of giving, including SHF week long passes, something you will want regardless!

Check our 2017 Tribal Reunion Festival page. Registration is open and we have many new options including FREE merchanting, and for the first time, you can register and bring your pet! Check back as more guests and entertainment are added! Its a Tribal Reunion!

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