Join us at our next Council Meeting

Tue, 2013-11-12 10:10 -- rachaelgoodman

This information can be found under the "Next Council Meeting" page, but for those that haven't located it, here you go:

Join us at our next Council Meeting

Tuesday Nov 12, 6 pm at Lunds Grocery meeting room, #25 University AveSE and Central in Minneapolis   (612) 548-3820


HT Members and the public are welcome to attend!  

Agenda :

1. Spiritually based opening

2. Reading of the HT Values Statement

3. Establishment of quorum (2 of 3 admin committee)

4. Approval of old minutes (motion by scribe, 2nd, vote) From Annual Meeting

5. Approval of agenda - Additions? Did I forget something? (motion , 2nd, vote)

6.  Consider establishing a "Vibe's Watcher" role in this meeting.   needed?  motion by scribe, 2nd, vote

7. Bursar's Report

8. Administrative Committee report

9. Review and report of all individual task assignments from the previous

  1. Rachel: call Eye of Horus for Meet and Greet event

  2. Vonnie: Update google membership doc.

10. Old business

11. Committee Reports

Event:  Judy, Velvet

Organizational:  Nels

Marketing:  Tasha

Membership: Vonnie

12. Scheduled business

       Plan Meet N Greet
      Consider CMAL requests
      Discussion of theme and guests

13. New business...

14. Scheduling of next meeting and adjournment




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