Lady Yeshe Rabbit - National Sacred Harvest Festival Guest!

Mon, 2012-01-30 13:53 -- Harmony Tribe
Lady Yeshe Rabbit

Ms. Rabbit Matthews (Lady  Yeshe Rabbit) has agreed to appear at this years SHF as one of two National Guests! 

She is recognized in the S.F. Bay area for her work with CAYA Coven and within her community. Yeshe Rabbit was featured recently  on Pagans in Paradise, as one, " Walking the Talk, 10 Pagans Who Made A Difference in 2011" . She was described as having, "With openness, honesty, courage and heartfelt concern for others she worked on healing the community rather than seeking to protect what she had manifested. Today CAYA is a leader in inclusiveness."

Harmony Tribe is working with Ms Rabbit to present a series of workshops and rituals that will help develop this years theme, "Unveiling the Sacred".  She is Proprietor of  The Sacred Well and known for her wide base of knowledge, Tarot readings,  personal ritual design,  and as a community ritualist.

Her Bio:

Yeshe Rabbit has been an enthusiastic wanderer along the winding path of esoterica for over 20 years. Her interests include tarot, tantra, herbalism, shamanic practices, myth and storytelling, drumming, chanting, singing, and ecstatic ritual. She has been featured on NPR and is a regular teacher/presenter at local and national gatherings, including the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium, PantheaCon, the Berkeley Pagan Festival, and others.

With a BA in English from SUNY Oneonta and an MA in Women’s History from Sarah Lawrence College, Yeshe Rabbit’s formal education involved tracing the routes of women’s wisdom through herstory, film, theatre, and world myth. Her personal beliefs and professional vocation converged when she launched her intuitive tarot practice in Berkeley in 2003. Today, she continues to read fortunes for seekers near and far, helps magical folk find their perfect treasures at her shop, The Sacred Well, and serves as the Presiding High Priestess of Come As You Are Coven, an eclectic spiritual community in the Bay Area. As an ordained Dianic High Priestess, Yeshe Rabbit is the Queen of the Lineage in the Amazon Priestess Tribe. She also co-founded the Wildflower Tradition, an eclectic path of spiritual public service for men and women that draws from practices and philosophies of historical and contemporary Mystery traditions.

Check back for details of Ms Rabbit's offerings as guest, and pending Sacred Harvest Festival announcements!

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