Green Phallus

Sat, 2011-10-22 17:27 -- Harmony Tribe

The Green Phallus is accepting friendship on Facebook, and you may follow his travels there.


The Green Phallus came to Sacred Harvest Festival in 2009 with a 'bit' part as the phallus of Osiris in a ritual play performed that year. He found itself in a raffle to raise funds for subsidized SHF attendance. An overlooked joy in the prize picking of many raffle winners, the guest that year, Lydia Crabtree, recognized his magical presence and selected it. She had purchased $10 worth of raffle tickets to win. Lydia took the prize companion home, where for two intense years she both learned his secrets, and transmitted her knowledge to the Green Phallus.


When Crystal Blanton was invited to SHF as 2011 guest, the Phallus cried out to return. Lydia sent the Green Phallus, by air, to her friend Crystal in California, where a loyal companion in Crystal could accompany the Green Phallus on its triumphant return to the Midwest. Enclosed with the Green Phallus was a statement of provenance and a narrative of the travels and experience of the Green Phallus while in Lydia's care.

After a week of intimate cuddling, the Green Phallus offered himself up to the SHF community again, by means of silent auction. Two main bidders, recognizing the rich and deep power it offered, contended in silence for the prize. At the last moment a 'dark horse' bidder swooped in and secured the right of companionship with the phallus. Recognizing his power and sway over her community, Michelle the Braidinglady, pledged to maintain his dignity and record and publish the travels of the Green Phallus. He shall be returned in 2012 so the wisdom of the Green Phallus may be passed on to another.

The Green Phallus spent the time after 2011 Sacred Harvest Festival holding court at the Minnesota Renissance Festival (space P-37). He is now traveling and having adventures, to be reported soon.

Green Phallus visits a waterfall

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