Process Covenant

The Process Covenant provides an agreed upon set of beliefs for Harmony Tribe members. Each year every Harmony Tribe member agrees to the terms in this Process Covenant and the Harmony Tribe values Statement before becoming a full member. A copy is contained in our 2012 Harmony Tribe Membership Application

Harmony Tribe Values

Harmony Tribe is a welcoming and diverse spiritual organization that embraces honesty, compassion, and inclusiveness. Through accountability and transparency we demonstrate respect for ourselves, our community, and that which we hold sacred.

Process Covenant

    Harmony Tribe, and its members upon joining, commits to these values and process covenant:
  • We honor our diversity and focus on our commonality; we do not discriminate based on race, spiritual path, sexual orientation, or disability
  • We treat each person with respect; accepting our differences that make us stronger.
  • We listen to the wisdom in all voices, seeking affirmed consensus and inclusive solutions.
  • We accept and support the will of the majority to guide us in our actions when consensus is not possible.
  • We behave with compassion and respect when disagreements occur, speaking directly to issues and solutions, and not about individuals.
  • We shall lovingly hold each other accountable for our commitments and to the sacred trust of working within a spiritual community.
  • We are willing to learn and implement effective communication skils.
  • We shall be openly transparent in our action and communication as individuals, committees, and within HT.
  • We consider the future consequences of our actions as we make our decisions.
  • We are willing to revisit decisions as conditions change and when a consensus decision is not reached.
  • We behave with integrity, in a manner consistent with our shared values.
  • Any individual decision, policy, action, or relationship can be called by any member to be compared to, and to conform with these values.

    We will specifically :
  • We will discuss any dissent, criticism, or behavior undermining the health of HT, within HT, with the goal of increasing trust and cohesion.
  • We will monitor the atmosphere at each meeting, and may stop and discuss any tense or emotional events before they can become harmful.
  • We will be responsible for using our time together efficiently, begin and end meetings on time, and each keep our comments to the point during the meeting.
  • We will each read the agenda materials before each meeting and submit our agenda items in advance.
  • We will use awritten Agenda, blackboard, or chart to keep track of the meeting or decision process.
  • Each member will note and follow up on personal responsibilities, and they shall be added to the next meetings agenda.
  • We will bring issues to HT in the form of a recommendation or proposal that could become a motion.