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this design was from 2007, our  SHF community rangoli
     Many years back in Harmony Tribe's history, Penny Goody came to us as a guest speaker, and brought with her what was to become one of our most treasured traditions, the creation of our community Rangoli.

     Rangoli is a form of Indian folk art, a geometric pattern on the ground, usually laid out in the courtyard or at a common entry point in the home by the senior woman of the family, with sacred intent.
     "Symmetry of the Rangoli brings undivided attention. In other words the moment you pass through Rangoli you are disconnected from the past and future. You are forced to remain in present."    Suresh Gundappa

     "Ritual actions that perform and change space into sacred space can change people's physical, emotional and metaphysical experiences within that environment, and their behavior within and around that space."
     "Many post-menopausal women across India create rangoli daily to sanctify these spaces. Through the daily action of establishing and maintaining ritual domestic geography, a woman declares her role as household ritual specialist, maintaining and demonstrating her personal relationship with the household deities, and establishing her relationship with the society outside the house."   Rangoli: Elder Women Creating Sacred Geography; by Catherine Cartwright-Jones

     At our festival a Rangoli is laid out at the Heart Chakra on Friday afternoon.   Many people help in creating this symmetrical visual prayer, and more help is always appreciated.   That night with drumming, rattling, chanting, and movement, our prayers are danced into the ground.   Our Rangoli, and the ritual preceding it, has manifested a multitude of different "personalities" over these past several years, some very complex.   This year, we return to the beautiful, simple inspiration originally envisioned by Ms. Penney.    At the heart chakra, we will plant a circle of stakes to support the rope which holds our prayer flags.   Inside of that circle will be a smaller circle, which is where we will lay out our pattern.   There will be a space for drummers so they can stay connected to the fire.
     When the sun has set and darkness falls it will be time to begin. You will be asked to affirm that you enter with intent, and with rhythm, breath, and movement, we will charge our sacred space with the energy to manifest our prayers.   Come and join us!

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