Rites of Passage Featured at This Year's SHF

Mon, 2012-07-09 22:50 -- Judy

We have been working on our programing and scheduling for Sacred Harvest Festival. It looks like there will be a rite of passage almost every day. There will be a beautiful hand fasting with the entire Tribe welcomed to attend. There will be ceremonies for young men and women, Croning and Saging, and a Blessing Way. Our theme this year is about unveiling what we hold sacred, and being immersed in the light of love. These rites are a reflection of the love that we hold for each other as a Tribe.


Please plan to attend and bring an open heart to these events. They are for and of you, and the more we have the more love we share. To create or participate in rites of passage at this years SHF please contact Harmony Tribe http://harmonytribe.org/contact.

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