Sacred Harvest Festival 2003 - 1998

Sacred Harvest Festival 2003 Though the Early Years

SHF began with an informal camp out in 1997, and came into being in 1998.

Sacred Harvest Festival 2003

Artwork by Nels Linde

"Elemental Magik,
Alchemy of Community"


Ritual summary and intent.

1st opening ritual Tuesday night… Pose the question and challenge to participants to explore over the balance of the festival the mysteries of elemental magik, deepen our experience of the powers that shape our minds, hearts, Magik, and spirituality.

2nd ritual – Wednesday night Deepen our experience and understanding of the power, symbology, and connection between the female elements of earth and water, and form a Goddess figure later shattered to reveal a metal God symbol for the firespace.

3rd ritual Friday night Deepen our experience and understanding of the power, symbology, and connection between the male elements of fire and air, and form a burnable God figure later burned to reveal a metal Goddess symbol for the firespace

4th ritual Saturday night An early evening ritual, to excavate the tokens and distribute the unification of all the elements in our Magik, and as a symbol of the alchemical nature of community. Move metal god-goddess symbols to the heart Charka to reign there over last drum night. Communicate that through our elemental work we generate community spirit, and find our gods and goddesses

5th ritual closing Sunday morn at the heart Charka summarize our week and experience with the elements. Communicate/ reinforce idea that through our elemental work we generate community spirit, and find our gods and goddesses…..

Sacred Harvest Festival 2002


"Reclaiming Tribal Wisdom"


The 5th annual Sacred Harvest Festival is a celebration honoring the Earth, the Harvest, and the blessings of the Sky. We gather to enjoy the benefits of a tribal community. All who embrace nature spirituality are welcome to come to Minnesota and honor "oneness" in an atmosphere of diversity. We promote reverence and acceptance of all beings.

In our individualized cultures, we have largely replaced all of the larger of these kinship ties with contractual ones. Here we form bonds between us by choice and honor, the deepest ones by making commitments. Our keyword is Freedom. Our ancestors were born into relationships that extended to every part of the tribe. Their keyword was kin.

Our ancestors lived in tribal communities. These were in essence extended families. Each function within the tribe, such as the Healers and the Warriors, created an even closer bond of kinship between its members.

This year, Harmony Tribe will strive to reclaim the wisdom of our ancestors. The Tribe. We seek to empower our new perspective as free individual with a sense of kinship and interconnectedness. From this we begin to build true communities. Intentional families spread out over distance and time.

You can review our SHF 2002 Ritual Proposals here.

Sacred Harvest Festival 2001 ...Rebirth


When we come together to honor Earth Based Spiritualities, we are often celebrating the Circle of Life; birth, death & rebirth. Birth & death are a part of our daily lives, but how often do we celebrate rebirth? Rebirth can be the celebration of ourselves and the new beginnings that we bring with us. Here at the Fourth Annual Sacred Harvest Festival, we hope that everyone will have a chance to focus on their own Rebirth.

Our rituals are planned so that each of you will experience a Sacred Conception, a Sacred Womb Time, a Sacred Birth and finally a Sacred Celebration of all that is You! Reflect on your life. Reflect on yourself. What part of your sacred being is growing and changing and wishes to emerge and become alive? What do you wish to give birth to?

During the duration of the festival we will treat the grounds as our Sacred Womb. Spend time at the Womb Altar. Manifest your true being and encourage it to grow during this time. Please remember all participants at Sacred Harvest Festival are also great with child. Be gentle. Be nurturing. We are all within the Sacred Womb, hard to see, yet vitally important for the growth of ourselves. On Saturday night we invite to experience the fruits of your labor and be born into your new world!

As we close our festivities on Sunday, we will once again gather and reflect on our experiences during this time. We will examine what we have manifested and learn how to nurture our new beings and encourage them to grow in the mundane world.

Sacred Harvest Festival 2000

August 16th - 20th, 2000

" Maidens and Dragons "

We rediscovered the ancient symbols of "Dragon" and "Maiden" in a series of rituals that spanned the festival and, taken together as one, retold an ancient myth involving social and individual fear, community coercion, authority unquestioned, sacrifice and finally - well - that part is still a mystery . . . unless you were there!

The Dragon symbolizes the power of initiation and the unknown. When confronted with the Dragon, we shrink in fear of the destructive force of the beast. Yet, it is our fear that is the enemy and a barrier to growth. When we conquer the Dragon, we bring the power within. We breathe power into our experience from our spirit. We burn through our challenges in life. The Dragon often requires a heavy personal sacrifice as the cost of initiation.

The Maiden symbolizes the fertility within our own body and spirit. She carries an energy of curiosity and craving for experience of life. She is bold in her desire for growth. She is passionate yet not fully empowered until the experience of living awakens her. She is the eternal rain flowing, giving life to all the earth. Within us, she is our blood bringing nourishment and cleansing within our bodies and holding the "seed" of rebirth. The maiden and her child like desire for experience and growth is also, too often, the sacrifice we make in order to ease our fear of the Dragon.

Through awakening this ancient mythology and recreating the story, we brought together the Maiden and Dragon in ritual to empower our personal lives and bring their gifts to our community.


The Spirit of The Sacred Harvest Festival 1999

August 25th - 29th, 1999

" Consciously Choosing Community "

Within this theme we will be celebrating the harvest of the "Light." We will be connecting to the sources of light in nature; the Sun and Moon, the Sacred Fire and out own inner light. We will access, channel and direct this energy in ritual and share this "light" with the village while receiving from one another. Upon returning home, we will have the opportunity to enhance our own communities with the healing energy of the light .

Through the challenges we all faced within our community we called forth our own unique light to share with all.

Hunab Ku, Giver of Movement and Measure, The Light. The symbol "Hunab Ku" is described in Surfer of the Zuvuya, a book by Jose Arguelles. He discussed this energy as the "Galactic Center," a source of information accessing the past present and future knowledge.

His theory relates ideas concerning the alignment of the planets in August 1987, commonly called the "Harmonic Convergence." Were many people "awakened" to cosmic energy and the interconnectedness of past, present and future? Did this alignment connect us with each other and also the energy of the planet? His theories are based on Mayan sources of information.

1998 - The first Sacred Harvest Festival

Harmony Tribe was formed in 1998 to provide a local festival for our community. In 1998 we presented the first Sacred Harvest Festival in southern Minnesota. Each Sacred Harvest Festival brings Harmony Tribe together again to work our community magic and create another festival. Each year we discover more of ourselves and more of our brothers and sisters within Harmony Tribe.

Harmony Tribe started fifteen years ago and has worked hard to give our greater community each festival. We cannot do it alone and welcome each individual as a unique addition to Harmony Tribe - to offer their talents, skills and vision of Spirit.

We have always held a simple statement true during our festivals: Join us to honor the Earth, the Harvest, and the blessings of the Sky, while enjoying the benefits of a tribal pagan community. All who embrace Nature Spirituality are welcome to come and celebrate. Gathering includes workshops, rituals, activities for teens and children, and an opportunity to honor the sacred fire with drumming and dancing.