Sacred Harvest Festival 2010

Sacred Harvest Festival:


Seducing the Muse


August 7 - 15th, 2010

SHF 2010 Artwork by Ann Marie Forrester

SHF 2010 guest Cherie Sampson


Cherie Sampson

Cherie Sampson is an environmental sculptor, performance and video artist whose art for over 25 years has been inspired by sacred space in nature and cross-cultural expressions of the Divine Feminine and Goddess mythology. She received her MFA in Intermedia & Video Art from the University of Iowa in 1997. An embodiment of temporal and cyclical nature, Cherie’s performances emerge as sensory, bodily and spiritual responses to diverse environments. Years of eclectic movement practice such as yoga, sacred and improvisational dance, have shaped her performance work for audiences and the camera. Recently she has been studying the classical Indian temple dance form, Bharatanatyam with Soorya Dance Co. of St. Louis.

A two-time Fulbright Scholar to Finland, many of Cherie’s artistic works have been made there, centered in Finnish cultural and mythic themes. In Heinävesi, Finland, March 2009 on a frozen river, she performed “Her Blue Sea Fire”, based on the creation story initiated by water-goddess, Ilmatar, from the Finnish epic poem, The Kalevala. Cherie’s Fulbright in 2011 will continue exploration of the ancient rune-singing traditions of The Kalevala and Finnish Karelia.

Cherie has exhibited, performed and had video screenings internationally, including the U.S., Finland, Norway, Italy, the Netherlands (where her performance was attended by the Dutch Queen) and Cuba. Her writing and art has appeared in Circle Magazine, Ms. Magazine, Beautiful Necessity: The Art & Meaning of Women’s Altars, numerous art reviews and catalogs and periodicals/books in Finland. An Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Missouri, she currently lives in Columbia and Canton, Missouri, when she is not in caves, forests and mires abroad.

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Veronica Cummer

Veronica Cummer has been a witch for 20 years, more if you count growing up on a farm in rural Iowa, running wild in the woods, conjuring up storms, and turning pig´s teeth into magickal talismans. After moving to Minnesota, she was a staff writer and artist for several years for the now-retired Twin Cities magazine, Pagan Ink. Her work has more recently appeared in NewWitch, The Beltane Papers, and The Crooked Path Journal.

Her first book, Sorgitzak-Old Forest Craft, came out in 2008 from Pendraig Publishing and has been #1 pagan book on Amazon. Her second book, Masks of the Muse, was released in 2009. She also has an essay in the book alking About the Elephant: An Anthology of Neopagan Perspectives on Cultural Appropriation put out by Megalithica Books.

She has been a priestess of the Old Forest Craft for over 14 years and has a close association with the Fey, particularly the spirits of Air and Dawn, the whole bright and tricksy tribe of them. Read more at

SHF 2010 guest Veronica Cummer

SHF 2010 guest Anne Marie Forrester

Anne Marie Forrester

Anne Marie Forrester has been a witch and a pagan for over 20 years. She is a third-degree High-Priestess of HedgeWalker Coven, a legal minister, an elder in the Gardnerican Church of the Ancient Communion, and a member of Prodea: one of the longest-running eclectic-covens in the Midwest.

As an artist, she has over 25 years of professional experience in illustration, book design (including six years as Llewellyn Publishing's senior designer), print design, web graphics, advertising, and packaging. In her spare time, Anne works in ceramics, scratchboard, digital collage, painting, and tattoo design & application. She loves creating ritual tools, making seasonal crafts, and occassionally-theatrical props and costumes.

You can see samples of her work online at

Anne Marie would like to thank her supportive husband, family, covens and all the wonderful friends who regularly help her keep it all together!

White Deer and Violette Rose

White Deer has been teaching and performing pagan music since 1984 in Festivals across the United States. He has specialized in drumming for ritual and dance, with a background in Middle Eastern, Greek, Turkish, Indian, West African, Indonesian, Celtic, Ancient and Medieval music.

With Music as a life-long dedication and spiritual path, Whitedeer was seduced by his muse Violette at a pagan festival in 1995. They later married, and through their artistic collaboration in their local community and at summer festivals, they offer a unique combination of drum and dance instruction, and performance. Whitedeer has just returned from Bangalore, India with his wife Violette and 2 children where he studied Carnatic music.

Violette Rose

Violette Rose began as a musician on the acoustic bass in the 1980's, playing in Symphonic orchestras, jazz and medieval ensembles. In 1995 she was seduced by her muse Whitedeer, and jumped onto the pagan music and festival circuit playing with a variety of pagan bands and musicians, touring across the United States. She began attending workshops in Bellydance and Indian folkdancing, and began serious study in bellydancing in 2003.

Since then Violette owned a dance studio and taught several classes a week in bellydance and Indian dance. She is currently the troupe leader of Naga Music and Dance Ensemble out of Viroqua, WI, and just returned from Bangalore India where she studied sociology, maternal health nursing, and traditional dance. Violette is also a full-time student of Nursing and mother of 2 pagan kids.

SHF 2010 guest White Deer

SHF 2010 guest Violette Rose

SHF 2010 guest Alvin the Sculptor

Alvin the Sculptor

Alvin and Lila are local artisans who have graced the community with their presence for many, many years.

Alvin will be running many Bardic workshops and Lila will be also be presenting some amazing workshops!

Come and enjoy time with them and learn all that they have to offer!

Murphey's Midnight Rounders

Murphey's Midnight Rounders Murphey's Midnight Rounders is an acoustic band with roots in both the New York Folk Scene, and Country with elements of Rock and Celtic thrown in. They are an eclectic mix of vocal harmonies and styles, singing songs with a message and touches of humor. Murphey’s Midnight Rounders represents a break from the “mainstream angst” of many current acoustic artists. Their concerts include few covers, as most of their material is original, blending humor with social awareness to get the message across.

As members of Dunn County Clerics, Brad Murphey and Teresa Frank wrote and arranged Pagan-Based music in contemporary styles, drawing on their backgrounds in Rock, County and Folk. They explored the magic they could make by writing and arranging their own material. Nick Okonek adds a passion for heavy metal and a pocket full of tetrahedron dice. One part Louden Wainwright III and one part dungeon master with a dash of Ozzy, his bass adds force and power, underneath. Bonnie Hanna-Powers comes to the Rounders with an extensive background in music, theater and fire-spinning. She rounds out our vocal harmonies with a flair for the dramatic.

Their song, ‘Make A Chain Across the World’ has been dubbed “the Pagan National Anthem.”

Carefully Searching for Words
Running on Empty
I Am the Goddess
Meditations (Brad Murphey and Teresa Frank)

“Soulful storytelling sang with daring harmonies. "Carefully Searching for Words" goes well with a leisurely drive through the mountains. Thanks for the music!”
Mei Young ~ “The Voice” of KTCA

“One Incredible Band!!!”
Standing Stones Mabon Gathering

“The change of pace and vibe was so needed. [Murphey’s Midnight Rounder’s] music is calm and non-abrasive. Really cool and chill….Clear and precise. Really pretty, actually. I really like this.....wonderful work here! Thumbs up and much love!”

Murphey's Midnight Rounders

Magic Mama

Magic Mama

MAGIC MAMA performs ORGANIC HIP HOP and World Beats for the Whole Family. Through her music, MAGIC MAMA delivers an empowering and hope-filled message of love and respect for all and inspires creative thinking and Earth-friendly actions.
"[Magic Mama] produces a kind of De La Soul meets Keller Williams on Sesame Street vibe."
~ Mike Paulus, Volume One Magazine

"Magic Mama brings a fresh, new perspective to children's music.
She offers a unique show that clearly demonstrates her respect
for children and her commitment to the environment."

~ Shelly Collins-Fuerbringer, Youth Services Manager,
L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library

"Magic Mama's songs are perfect for children,
yet offer much for adults to enjoy as well."

~ Loralee Petersen, Director, Withee Public Library

"The colorful set, lively music, and eco-friendly messages
make for a fun, positive atmosphere."

~ Regina Arndt, Youth Services Librarian, Altoona Public Library

"From the funky stage design, to the lively music, and the fun, participatory
opportunities, the energy just surged throughout the room."

~ Susan Pesheck, Youth Services Librarian, River Falls Library

Rodeo deGaia, Magic Mama's debut album, has been described as:
"Intricate and mesmerizing rhythms, gorgeous jazzy vocals, clever lyrics,
rap influences, and a consistent ecological message... about the importance
of working together, respecting each other and the Earth... but without
feeling preachy, leavened as they are with humor, both in the music and lyrics."

~ Leah Langby, Indianhead Federated Library System