Sacred Harvest Festival 2012 Over

Tue, 2012-08-14 15:10 -- Harmony Tribe

Thank you to everyone who attended Sacred Harvest Festival 2012. Many life-changing moments happened, lifelong friendships were started, and the strength and bond of our Tribe was renewed as we immersed ourselves in the luminious light of love. We had amazing national and local guests, Tribe-created rituals, tasty food, and wondeful life events take place at our Festival this year. We hosted a community Restorative Justice circle thanks to a guest that liked out festval so much last year as a Guest, she returned this year with her family as a festivant.

This story will update with additional details on the week, and look for a more detailed Fest wrap-up after our Harmony Tribe Meeting this Sunday.

What were your favorite moments of Sacred harvest Festival 2012?

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