Sacred Harvest Festival 2013 - As Above, So Below - Artwork!

Wed, 2013-01-30 10:49 -- Harmony Tribe

Sacred Harvest Festival has chosen its theme artwork for 2013!

"As Above, So Below" August 5-11, 2013 Save the Dates!

This hand colored woodcut was created from the wonderfully imaginitive mind of Marvin Hill, who received a Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Drake University. For 15 years the Hills participated in Fine Arts Festivals and gallery exhibitions, and their unique work continues to win major awards across the country.

Each print was hand drawn and carved by Marvin, who moved on from this life in 2003, and they are still being printed and painted by his wife and partner Wendy. Marvin drew inspiration from his epic, descriptive dreams, which were often sparked by the books he consumed like air.

Marvin Hill wrote about the print:
"As Above, So Below" is an Alchemical phrase, meaning there is a cycle of life and death and birth and decay where we can easily observe this cycle, and below our level of consciousness.

Harmony Tribe has secured THREE awesome nationally respected guests for Sacred Harvest Festival 2013! Stay tuned for announcements and the 2013 festival page!  If you have suggestions for local guests or musicians to be featured at this years festival, Contact HT !

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