Sacred Harvest Festival - 2013 Dates, and More!

Tue, 2012-08-28 16:24 -- Harmony Tribe

Sacred Harvest Festival will take place at Harmony Park,

Monday August 5th - Sunday August 11th!

On Saturday August 25th, eight folks from Harmony Tribe set out for Albert Lea. In just three hours we managed to dry out all our tents and tarps, re-organize our storage, and toss a pickup full of un-needed resources! An expeditionary contract team met with Jay at Harmony Park. We settled all accounts, and signed a new contract for 2013!

Harmony Tribe has met and reviewed all the wonderful feedback we received from this years festivants( you can still add your feedback below!) , plus our own insights into possible improvements.  Our programming is always rated as stellar. We are already planning improvements in our sheduling, community service program, and on site registration.

Besides the overwhelming feeling of love, empowerment, and joy experienced at this years festival,  Harmony Tribe has regained an optomism for the future. After several years of declining revenue, Sacred Harvest Festival is back growing our nest egg! Much of the credit goes to our site chair,  who secured reduced costs for nearly every festival aspect, but also to our Members and Council Members who realize we all need to support what is valuable to us with our hands, our hearts, and our funds! Most important to thank are YOU,  our loyal festivants who returned in droves, and most of them for the full week. We had nearly sixty kids this year, a real family place.

Watch for our Harmony Tribe Annual Meeting date in October, and New Members meet n' greet. This is a great time to learn what Harmony Tribe is all about, it's values and mission, and consider becoming a member!

See you at TC Pagan Pride Sept 8th!



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