Sacred Harvest Festival 2013 - Festival Page and Guests

Thu, 2013-02-21 12:20 -- Nels

Our 2013 SHF Page is posted and we will be adding more guest presenters and workshop details over the coming months. Festival registration and workshop submission will be opening soon!

Judy and I had the opportunity to connect with many of the past SHF guests at Pantheacon in San Jose, Ca. We met with Macha Nightmare, Ivo Dominguez Jr. , Victoria Slind-flor, Evelie S Posch, Patrick McCollum, Donald Michael Kraig, Jo and Tony Mierzwicki, Crystal Blanton, and YesheRabbit Matthews. We realized what a list of talent Sacred Harvest Festival has had over the years!

Even better, we got to meet with all three SHF 2013 guests!

Teo Bishop (Pron. Tay-oh) offered a talk on the Solitary Druid find new ways to experience "congregation in solitude. I got to meet him at his "On Being the Bishop" talk in the ADF Suite. Before Teo Bishop was a blogger and ADF Druid, he was recording artist, Matt Morris. He offered a sincere history of his path to this day, and played some acoustic tunes and sang. A truly amazing person, very humble and thoughtful. We secured him for his presentations, but wait until you hear him sing!

Szmeralda Shanel  I attended a ritual she sponsored with the Iseum of Black Isis called "Conjurers, Root Women, Vodou Queens and Hoodoo Mamas" . It was a fantasticlly powerful ritual, with song and dance celebrating the ancestral mothers of spirit. Szmeralda wrote all the songs and chants, and her voice is strong and sweet!

Kenny Klein offered a concert and two workshops; "Magical Bird Lore" and "Mojo and Magic in Blues Music". He is living in New Orleans now, and the influence shows through!  A great performer and presenter!

We are so excited to experience the combination of these national guests this August. They will offer a diverse perspective on our theme, and if we can get them in the same ritual or performance, you will be blown away!

Contact Harmony Tribe if you wish to be a guest presenter!

Pictured from left: Crystal Blanton, Judy, Nels, Szmeralda Shanel, and Kenny Klein. At right, Teo Bishop singing at the ADF Suite

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