Sacred Harvest Festival 2015 Moves Up Nordt !

Fri, 2015-01-02 12:31 -- Harmony Tribe

Sacred Harvest Festival is set for our usual dates this year, August 3-9th, 2015. What is new is we are moving up Nordt !

Plans are being finalized for the upper Midwest's largest Pagan festival to land at a developing site about 90 minutes North of the Twin Cities Metro area. Many will have questions and Harmony Tribe will fill in all the details as they resolve. What we do know is we will have:

  • The strength of our tribe helping to create a new home.
  • Plenty of level camping and no noise restrictions.
  • Emphasis to expand our intimate tribal family community.
  • Amazing national and local programming and workshops.
  • Ritual experience that engages us.

Support this Festival rebirth by saving August 3-9th for your time with your tribal community. Keep in touch and watch for more announcements and registration opening soon. Contact Harmony Tribe with your festival theme and guest suggestions, and plan to .... Join Us !

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