Sacred Harvest Festival 2015 - Registration Opens!

Mon, 2015-04-06 17:47 -- Harmony Tribe

"Tribal Evolution" our SHF theme this year, is all about a new beginning for Harmony Tribe!  

Early Registration is open! 

Sacred Harvest Festival 2015 is taking place at Atchingtan, a secluded nature retreat being developed in Northern Minnesota. We will have all the camping essentials you need to gather as a tribe, share stories and create new myths. What will it be like?  We have some great guests and music lined up for you. Join with us and help decide and  create what the festival looks and feels like for the future!

Joy Wedmedyk  Our past guest in year 2007, "Divine Possession",  Oloricha Omi Lasa helped Harmony Tribe explore Santeria as an initiated priestess in Regla de Ocha, an Ifa tradition. For over 35 years she has studied symbolism, divination, and shamanism. She is back offering a wonderful array of workshops and rituals!

EmrysAnu is a featured presenter, and is a devotee of the Goddess, priestess, legal clergy, mother, healer, animal lover, writer, speaker, activist, and confirmed heretic. She has presented ethics based workshops and discussions for Twin Cities Pagan Pride, Paganicon, The Wiccan Church of Minnesota and Sacred Harvest Festival.

Kari Tauring will be both offering workshops and a performance. She expresses her ethnic heritage through traditional and original music, story telling, runes and dance. Her performances and workshops tell the stories, traditions, and spiritual roots of Nordic people from ancient times through the Immigrant Era.

Read more about this years Sacred Harvest Festival!

Reserve the dates and register today! This year we return to the roots of our tribe; caring talented people, sharing knowledge and ceremony around many fires late into the night!

We are your People, ... Join Us !

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