Sacred Harvest Festival adds Performers

Fri, 2012-02-17 10:16 -- Harmony Tribe
Ellie Bryan

Sacred Harvest Festival adds Two Musicians!

Sacred Harvest Festival has added two performers to this years Festival in August.  Performing will be a favorite well known bard, Ailinn, who composes original folk tunes that reconnect listeners to the land, sea, and sky. Her music is a sincere expression of spirit that celebrates the sacred with frank honesty.  Ellie Bryan and friends, after her impressive performance last year in our talent show,w ill be giving her own concert. Her rich heartfelt voice and mouth bow entranced the audience. We are thrilled to have both performers on our stage!.

The Sacred Harvest Festival 2012 list of attractions has been posted, and regional speakers are encouraged to contact Harmony Tribe to be included!

Registration for Sacred Harvest Festival 2012 will open on March first.


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