Sacred Harvest Festival Begins August 5th - Join us!

Tue, 2013-07-23 14:07 -- Harmony Tribe

We have a  week of gorgeous weather to relax, learn, re-connect with spirit and each other, and have fun. The tribe gathers under the oaks, still want to join us? You can attend by arriving at our site during our gate hours (after Monday - 9am to 9pm)  with payment OR, you can still register online and arrive with much quicker entrance.  

Choose from over 40 workshops already planned from national, regional, and local guests, a choice of five powerful rituals, the Rangoli dance ritual, and the Sacred Hunt Ritual? SHF has a talent show, and great music with Ellie Bryan, Teo Bishop, and Kenny Klein !

Please read all the information about arrival, admission hours, our site, and what to expect!

Harmony Park is located near Geneva, Mn

Interstate 35 has areas of construction, consider an alternate route from MPLS/St.Paul!  


...We are your people
.... Join us!

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