Sacred Harvest Festival rates increase Saturday Midnight!

Thu, 2013-06-13 12:43 -- Harmony Tribe

Plan for a week, Aug 5th-11th, with a few hundred Earth reverent folks in a beautiful burr oak grove! How about choosing from over 25 workshops already planned from national and regional guests, a choice of five powerful rituals, the Rangoli dance ritual, and the Sacred Hunt?  SHF has a talent show, and two concert nights of great music, and a safe and diverse family atmosphere. 

Register before midnight this Saturday, June 15th, and save $15-$25 per person!

Sacred Harvest Festival has a rejuvenating array of activities to renew and refresh you. New family to meet, and friendships to treasure. Share in the many Rites of Passage celebrated by our tribe each year.  Sacred Harvest Festival is the place to reconnect with the Earth and our tribe in southern Minnesota, near Albert Lea, MN.

  For the most memorable experience of your year ...

We are your people .... Join us!

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