Sacred Harvest Festival rates set for 2012

Wed, 2012-02-01 12:26 -- Harmony Tribe

Sacred Harvest Festival 2012

"Unveiling the Sacred;
Immersed in the Luminous Light of Love"

Monday August 6th -

Sunday August 12th

Join us in our fifteenth anniversary year for a rich journey into the divine light! Plan to attend Sacred Harvest Festival for a week of intense sacred experience and joy within a strong tribal community!

Our full week rates are the best value in the Midwest, cheaper than a camping trip and affordable for Pagan families with children!

Adult Rates
(Registration postmarked or online)


7 Day
(Full Festival)

Clan Plan
(incl.2 Adults, all kids under 13 )

Teen Clan Plan
(incl.2 Adults, 1-2 Teens, all kids)

1 Day Pass
(Fri or Sat)

Before June 15







Before Aug 1







Gate Rate
(8/1 and later)






For all Registration Dates: Teens = $35 ~~~ Children under age 13 = $20 ~~~ Babes under age 3 are FREE

At Sacred Harvest Festival you get access to TWO national presenters for a week!
You might pay twice our admission cost to learn from just one presenter in a weekend workshop!



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