Sacred Harvest Festval 2014, Aug 4-10th SAVE THE DATES!

Sat, 2013-08-31 13:11 -- Harmony Tribe

Sacred Harvest Festival 2013 has come and gone, and we hope you didn't miss it!

Amazing workshops, concerts, and rituals and the same tribal family reunion you have come to expect. Sacred Harvest Festival inspires many of us for the whole year. Read Teo Bishop's article "Sacred Harvest Festival 2013: A lesson in Pluralism" on the Wild Hunt Blog, and Author Lisa Spiral's story about Festival; "Sacred Harvest Festival is all about the people.  It’s sharing time and space under the beautiful oak trees.  It’s talking about our beliefs and practices and plans."

Thanks for all the great festival feedback many of you sent. We work each year to improve our festival experience and feedback helps us plan changes each year.

Stop by and chat with us at our booth at TCPagan Pride,Sat Sept. 7th!  Explore our website for HT Membership information, our annual meeting and meet and greet will be coming up later this fall. .... and don't miss Sacred Harvest Festval 2014, Aug 4-10th  SAVE THE DATES!

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