Save $, Register For Sacred Harvest Festival at Early Rate, Ends June 1st!

Tue, 2017-05-16 13:52 -- Nels

Sacred Harvest Festival 2017 - "Tribal Reunion, 20 Years"  - Monday Aug. 7th - Sunday Aug.13th

Early Registration for SHF ends June 1st, Join the Tribe Reunion and plan for a full week for only $125, a weekend for just $75. We are pulling out all the stops, with an early setup option, FREE merchanting, A worker bee discount program, and heck register and bring your pet! Check the Festival page for all the details, and get updates and invite your friends at our FB event page!

We have workshops, rituals, entertainment all week! Besides your regular favorites; the Talent Show, Community Feast, and Rangoli we have some spectacular additions. Early in the week we have a visiting Owl program from the Audabon Society and a Blues Concert.  Bright Hawk, Drum group "Mami Wata", and intense ritual theater/dance from Darshana fill the week out. Enjoy experiencing all our new and returning guests through workshops, rituals, and hands on practical learning.

 "Sacred Harvest Festival is a place to build and strengthen community. Whether this is your first festival or one of many, we believe you will experience the “magic” that happens when those who honor the Earth and her creatures, gather and walk together on the land in love, trust and with respect."

We are your People, ... Join Us !


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