SHF 2015 - Tribal Evolution

Sacred Harvest Festival 2015

"Tribal Evolution"

Monday August 3rd - Sunday August 9th

Our eighteenth year is about change. We are moving to Northern Minnesota under a bright star lit sky.  SHF is built and made magic by our festivants each year, and we have the chance to redefine our priorities and path forward.  Drum and dance until late,  create enriching rituals, and bask in our famous tribal community.  Our theme, "Tribal Evolution" delares we are ready to listen and welcome new hands and hearts to a new home. The future unfolds before us, will you be a part of it?

Sacred Harvest Festival has welcomed well over a thousand unique individuals who have made our tribe flourish. Pagans and nature worshipers and their children and elders come together once again for a week of joy, fellowship, and learning.

We are your People, ... Join Us ! 

.... discover Atchingtan, the NEW Tribal Home you will love! 

Read about the festival and it's History!

Festival Theme Art 2015
Kaitlyn Rose Lullof

Presenting an incredible National Guest!  

Joy Wedmedyk

Our  guest in year 2007, "Divine Possession",  Oloricha Omi Lasa helped Harmony Tribe explore Santeria as an initiated priestess in Regla de Ocha, an Ifa tradition. For over 35 years she has studied symbolism, divination, and shamanism. She has learned from and is indebted to the spirits of ancestors of the planet, her elders, and the indigenous people of the Americas, Cuba, and Africa.  She has eight more years of practice under belt and is back offering a wonderful array of workshops and rituals!


About Atchingtan : Located about 90 minutes North of Minneapolis, among pristine secluded woodlands and fields between Finlayson, Mn and Lake Milacs

Limited electric spots for campers and tent areas, filtered drinking water, Hot showers and wash stations, ample portas and ice available on site. Reserve a fire ring for an individual campfire. Shopping resupply service may be available. Register early, services reserved by registration date!

Atchingtan Aerial Photo

Joy Wedymedyk
(Oloricha Omi Lasa)

Joy Wedmedyk

Joy Wedmedyk (Oloricha Omi Lasa) has studied Mediumship, Divination, Symbolism, and Shamanism for over 35 years. Initiated in Regla de Ocha, Native American and African Shamanic traditions. Joy is an accomplished Medium and Shamanic healing practitioner and is nationally recognized as a Spiritual teacher, Psychic, Medium, Drum maker, Shamanic practitioner and artist.

Joy was a quoted source for Drawing Down the Spirits by Kenaz Filan and Raven Kaldera (2009) and is a contributing author for Walking the Path of the Ancient Ways by Corvis Nocturnum (2012) and Calling to the Ancestors: An Ancestor Devotional by Timothy Schnieder (2015).

Joy specializes in artisan crafted Native style hoop (Shaman) drums and offers Shamanic dream paintings on drums for her clients to help further their own Shamanic work. Joy travels throughout the country teaching workshops on many topics including, Ancestor Reverence, Shamanism, Psychic Development, Santeria, Orisha, Initiation, Removing Entity Attachments, and Drum Making.

You can find her at:


EmrysAnu is a devotee of the Goddess, priestess, legal clergy, mother, healer, animal lover, writer, speaker, activist, and confirmed heretic. Passionate about all things spiritual, she demands intellectual integrity while honoring Truth in personal experience. For more than a decade EmrysAnu has presented ethics based workshops and discussions for Twin Cities Pagan Pride, Paganicon, The Wiccan Church of Minnesota and Sacred Harvest Festival. She affectionately calls these EmrysAnu’s Ethics Playground and invites you to come and play.

  • Creating a Shared Language of Ethics
  • Practicing PEACE - a daily practice of value, compassion, and responsibility
  • Magick: 50 Shades of Grey
  • Values and Boundaries - crafting personal walls, windows, and doorways
  • Community Relations - navigating the whitewater rapids of community with grace, dignity, and good boundaries (without losing your sense of humor)



Sacred Harvest Festival 2015 will have all the great programming you have come to expect;

Concerts, the Talent Show, The Friday Rangoli, Nightly Rituals, and some Surprises!
Attend the full week to not miss out!

If you wish to appear as a Presenter or an Entertainer, to offer your gifts to your tribal community,  We welcome you!
Please Contact Harmony Tribe!


Join Sacred Harvest Festival for a week of intense experience and joy!
Check back for more Local Guests and Entertainers.

Kari Tauring
Nordic roots artist, educator, and völva.

Kari Tauring

Kari Tauring will be both offering workshops and a performance.

She expresses her ethnic heritage through traditional and original music, story telling, runes and dance. Her performances and workshops tell the stories, traditions, and spiritual roots of Nordic people from ancient times through the Immigrant Era.

Volva Stav is a contemporary expression of this deep root. Her music is vocal-centric with ancient languages looped through modern technology creating a fabric of sound that stirs the soul. Kari brings deep knowledge and artistry to her presentations with the humor of one whose people helped shape the cultures of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

  • For more information or to purchase her recordings and books visit :

The Bourgeouis Bohemians!
... a diverse group of women dancers. Each one brings her own unique style and flavor to the mix!

The Bourgeouis Bohemians

These Gals have been knocking about under direction of Lesley Inman, they define themselves as 'an eclectic gathering of belly dance enthusiasts'. They like to explain it as 'American Belly Dance' because like America, the styles and elements of dance that they draw from include all kinds of cultures, flavors, and time periods. From Old Hollywood, to Gothic Opera, to Balkan Circus, to Bollywood, to Victorian Industrial and Tribal Fusion. These ladies have one goal every time; ENTERTAINMENT!!

Click to find out more about the The Bourgeouis Bohemians Dance Troupe.