SHF 2016 Artwork Submissions!!

Tue, 2016-02-09 16:43 -- Domyno

With this year's Theme being "Dreams & Bones", we at Harmony Tribe would like to ask the community for any potential artwork submissions!  Any one can submit inspired visual artwork to HT via the website Forums, or for those who aren't paid members yet, you can submit via the Contact form found on the left menu.

The deadline for submissions is Feb. 27th, 2016.  We will vote on the artwork the following day during the Council meeting and pick a winner!  Our Scribe, Arrow Rose Sigurdsson, has graciously offered to assist anyone who may have visual ideas, but need help with putting them to paper.  You can send requests for her help via the above mentioned methods, or her facedbook profile under her name.

Thank you to all for your hard work and participation!

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