SHF Rates to increase June 15th - Festival updates

Thu, 2012-05-31 10:25 -- Harmony Tribe

Rates increase June 15th, so save and register today!  Join us in the old oak grove in S. Minnesota! The deadline for workshop inclusion in the Village guide is July 1st and we already have twenty, so get yours submitted!

Our fifteenth anniversary year is an intimate journey into the divine light! This year Andras Corban Arthen will guide us back to the rich traditions of Pre-European Shamans, with words, and song, and wisdom. Share in his experience with the international Neo-Pagan connection to the world's religions. Lady Yeshe Rabbit brings the light of contemporary, ecstatic union with the Divine and with each other. Together they share a deep experience in ritual and in the strength of a tribal community.

Plan on a week packed with ritual, workshops, entertainment, and the unique tribal experience of Sacred Harvest Festival!  Bring your kids! the Childrens Pagan Theatre returns to SHF!

Music by Andras Corban Arthen, Ellie Bryan, Ailinn and fun and sacred Bardic circle nights. Local guests LisaSpiral, Susu Jeffrey. and Ann Luloff.

Some Workshops submitted to date :

When the Gods Come Knocking
Rattle and Hum, A Journey to the Sacred,
Everyday Leadership for Pagans
Mask Making
Cornerstones of Financial Literacy for Pagans
Singing Bowls & Energy Healing
Finding and Merging with your Spirit Animal
Shrine Workshop
Daily Practice Sucks
Herbs to connect with the Divine
and at least eight national guest workshops!

Count on our great Talent show, our Friday night Sacred Rangoli with an opening ritual and dance, guest and Harmony Tribe rituals, and a guest panel on the divine.

We are still adding events, local guests, and programming, so check back to see the basic schedule later this month!  We still have a couple security and work exchange positions open, contact us for full details! Don't let your budget hold you back from the sacred!

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