Wade from Deeply Rooted added to local guest lineup at SHF

Fri, 2012-07-20 18:35 -- Harmony Tribe

Wade Mueller

Wade Mueller has been a Pagan for 21 years, Tyrsman for 15. He is founder of Deeply Rooted, a Pagan land-based intentional community in 2001. He has been a prison minister for 10 years. Beekeeper, book collector and wannabe blacksmith...

Pagan Homeland, Living on Sacred Land

I am founder of Deeply Rooted, an off-grid 160 acre pagan sanctuary and community in north-central Wisconsin. I have been living at Deeply Rooted for the last 8 years and will present the great benefits and potential pitfalls that can occur when Nature based people live close to Nature. Historically our beliefs and practices were shaped by our geography. We truly are people of the land, yet many of us live in cities and have little connection to the cycles of the Earth. We will discuss these ideas and make plans to move towards a place where Pagans and other Nature spiritualists are stewards of larger pieces of land and we can once again become truly "nature based" Pagans.


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