Sacred Harvest Festival Site - Arrival Information

Sacred Harvest Festival Arrival / Survival guide!

The Festival site is a short drive to major food, hardware, and department stores. A trip to town can be avoided with some advanced planning. It makes a different festival experience if you rarely or never have to leave the site.

We will have a food vendor this year, offering three meals a day, including vegetarian and gluten free offerings. Whether for all your meals or a great night out, food service will be available!


SHF Arrival Guide

Sacred Harvest Festival takes place on a shady 20 acre campground, close to I35 and I90, near Albert Lea, MN.
Our site is considered a primitive campground.

Upon arrival you will be directed to  gate check-in booth where you will need to temporarily park your vehicle to sign waivers, receive wristbands, Electric cord label, and sign up for community service BEFORE you set up your camp.


The gate will be open for attendees starting Monday, August 5th at 12:00pm (noon) until 9:00pm and will be open during the following hours for festival participants to arrive: Tuesday through Friday  (9 am-9 pm), & Sat. (9 am-1 pm).         Merchants will be allowed in starting at 9am on Monday, August 5th.


Click here, and then 'Location' to find directions to our Festival Site!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a HT member, or are traveling with a Harmony Tribe Council member, and wish to enter the festival Sunday, make arrangements in advance of Wednesday July 31st using our website contact form, and plan to arrive by noon on Sunday for sure, to secure your entrance Sunday. Non members traveling with a HT member pay an extra $10 camping fee and everyone needs to plan to assist in Festival setup from noon until we are ready. If you, as a HT Member, would prefer to not assist with SHF setup Sunday, then please plan on other overnight arrangements and waiting until Monday noon for entrance to SHF.

Tenting participants will be allowed to drive their vehicle into the park to unload camping gear at their chosen campsite. Vehicles will only be allowed onto the park road for this purpose. Then all vehicles not registered as a sleeping vehicle, OR for an RV spot need to be moved to the parking lot.This process is important to limit the amount of stress placed upon the oak grove's root system.

Since young children will be running at will, we are asking that driving be limited to drop off only and that extreme caution is taken while driving through the campsite!

Persons planning to live in camping vehicles during the duration of the festival must pre-register this request with Harmony Tribe. The park has requested that vehicles only be parked at the designated RV pads in order to protect the root system of the Oak trees. Permits will be issued on a first come first serve basis, after those with medical needs and Harmony Tribe. Please plan your arrival time accordingly.

SHF Survival Guide - What the site is like.

Here are the “luxuries” you can expect during your stay and a list of some recommended items to bring along:

  • Bathroom facilities consist of “Port-a-potties,” including several that are handicapped accessible, and hand washing stations.
  • Hot and cold co-ed indoor showers. Harmony Park offers pay-showers for $3 for 6 minutes. You may want to bring your own campsite personal washing facilities!
  • Potable cold water spigots for drinking and washing (the water at Harmony Park is safe for drinking but has a high level of minerals in it and tastes “rusty”). One of these spigots will be connected to the new Harmony Tribe Oasis which will provide filtered water at no charge – Bring your own container!
  • Tiki torches placed throughout the park for easy nighttime navigation, bring your own lighting for your camp area!
  • Kids’ playground with swings, climbing apparatus and merry-go-round
  • Lots of beautiful Oak trees
  • We provide firewood for our community fires and rituals. If you want a personal fire at your campsite, it must be in a fire ring that you rent for $25. With that rental you get access to firewood for the week. Make friends with your neighbors and share a fire!
  • Two large dumpsters will be available at the front of the park for disposal of your trash and recycling. A perennial problem, PLAN TO SORT AND CARRY ALL YOUR GARBAGE AND RECYCLING TO THE DUMPSTERS as needed and when you leave the park, leave with your camping area CLEAN and empty. Burnable paper, cardboard, or light plastic should be combusted during your stay... it is not 'garbage' nor recycled.
  • Last year was a success in the recycling department, and we want that spirit to continue. Please limit the amount of items in excess packaging that you bring! If you trash your chair, tent, or other large item, Please take it home with you!

Things to bring:

  • Personal First Aid kit
  • Tent, ground cloth, tarps
  • Extra tent stakes, rope, and tie-downs
  • Sleeping bags, pads, pillows
  • Food and snacks for the week
  • Wagon, wheeled cart, or wheelbarrow
  • Camping stove or grill, & cooler
  • Cooking and eating utensils
  • Biodegradable dish soap
  • Rain gear
  • Trash Bags
  • Extra warm and dry clothes
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Sunscreen and/or aloe
  • Bug repellent and/or mosquito netting
  • Candles and incense
  • Ritual gear and garb
  • Items to place on an altar to be charged
  • Pen and paper
  • Extra camp chairs
  • Sacred earplugs
  • A dish to prepare for any potluck contributions
  • Acoustic musical instruments, drums, songs and chant
  • books

Clothing Optional Policy
Sacred Harvest Festival is a clothing-optional event. However, we will have an area in the front of the park, including the children’s area, where clothing is required. This area will be designated in your Village Guide Map. Other than in that area, everything from skyclad / starclad to elaborate ritual regalia is acceptable.