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  • 13th Annual Harmony Tribe Witches Yule Sat. Dec. 23rd

    Wed, 2017-12-06 11:46 -- Harmony Tribe
    Join us this Reunion year on Saturday December 23rd for our annual Harmony Tribe Yule Celebration. Love to see both old and new faces, a family event!
    Hail fellow travelers !  Our journey converges as the night deepens and the sun awaits rebirth. We invite you to join us for a spell. Come share our hospitality and be welcome with your loved ones of all ages ‘round the fire. Within the dark hope burns eternal that light shall return.

    Learn the Ritual Songs:

    "Light is Returning"


    Mix and mingle at 3
    Ritual at 4
    Feast to follow

    Place:  Michael Servetus Unitarian Society
    6565 Oakley Dr NE, Fridley, MN 55432     
                (located just off of Hwy 65/Central & Mississpi Street NE)


    Dress in festive travel garb of your preference.  Bring a holiday appropriate labelled dish to share with your fellow travelers well met. Drums and percussion are welcome

    We are your people ... Join Us!


  • Funding Campaign Gifts!

    Tue, 2017-07-18 11:19 -- Harmony Tribe
    Harmony Tribe went ahead and purchased some of the items outlined in our funding campaign, because well, we really need them! The Campaign is still running and many regular member contributors gave significantly!  Please help us pay for our new infrastructure to improve Sacred Harvest Festival!  Visit the Generosity Site and see what level you can afford.
    Available donation thank you gifts are :
    • An embroidered HT Logo patch
    • Add to our 20 year time capsule
    • A fabulous sterling silver pendant of the image from this years fest, by Judy Olson
    • Free dmission to this years Festival !
    PLUS, The options of gifts from our past  Guests :
    - a 30 minute reading with Joy Wedmedyk
    - A signed copy of "Taking Sacred Back" by Nels and Judy Linde
    - Choice of a signed copy of "Practical Astrology for Witches and Pagans", "Casting Sacred Space", "Spirit Speak" from Ivo Domingez JR.
    - Basic Herbalism workbook by Kahla Rowan
    - Choice of book by Macha Nightmare
    - "Graeco-Egyptian Magick" by Tony Mierzwick


    We will be sending out gifts to contributors shortly!  Donate today and pick out your gifts!

  • Save $, Register For Sacred Harvest Festival at Early Rate, Ends June 1st!

    Tue, 2017-05-16 13:52 -- Nels

    Sacred Harvest Festival 2017 - "Tribal Reunion, 20 Years"  - Monday Aug. 7th - Sunday Aug.13th

    Early Registration for SHF ends June 1st, Join the Tribe Reunion and plan for a full week for only $125, a weekend for just $75. We are pulling out all the stops, with an early setup option, FREE merchanting, A worker bee discount program, and heck register and bring your pet! Check the Festival page for all the details, and get updates and invite your friends at our FB event page!

    We have workshops, rituals, entertainment all week! Besides your regular favorites; the Talent Show, Community Feast, and Rangoli we have some spectacular additions. Early in the week we have a visiting Owl program from the Audabon Society and a Blues Concert.  Bright Hawk, Drum group "Mami Wata", and intense ritual theater/dance from Darshana fill the week out. Enjoy experiencing all our new and returning guests through workshops, rituals, and hands on practical learning.

     "Sacred Harvest Festival is a place to build and strengthen community. Whether this is your first festival or one of many, we believe you will experience the “magic” that happens when those who honor the Earth and her creatures, gather and walk together on the land in love, trust and with respect."

    We are your People, ... Join Us !

  • Help Fund Festival Improvements!

    Tue, 2017-01-31 15:38 -- Harmony Tribe

    Help Harmony Tribe Create New Community Space!

    Harmony Tribe is celebrating its 20th year of providing spiritual and educational opportunities for worshipers of nature based religions this summer. Over this time we have grown, restructured,  becoming a 501c3, tax-deductible non-profit group. Two years ago we decided to leave our established festival home in Southern Minnesota and establish a new site location, with supportive and spiritually aligned hosts in Northern Minnesota. It has been an invaluable move, many of our tribe actively connecting to our festival home Atchingtan by volunteering to aid in its development. Today our festival infra-structure and capital equipment is old and failing.

    For the first time ever we are humbled to ask for your help.

    We need $4800 to update our infra-structure and continue to develop our festival site. We need a new and weather secure commercial community space tent, and long term structures for shaded workshop areas. Our vision is to also incorporate renewable resources and alternative energy concepts into meeting our site needs. We want to store all our equipment and resources locally, without energy input needed to haul, protect, or maintain it. With careful investment in these areas now, we will streamline our out of pocket site expenses and be able to invest our income in developing and growing our spiritual community.

    We know the experiences we offer people are highly appreciated and valued.  What is the future of a spiritual community worth?

    Please vist our funding site, where 100% of your donations will go toward our site improvement needs. There are wondeful gifts available at several levels of giving, including SHF week long passes, something you will want regardless!

    Check our 2017 Tribal Reunion Festival page. Registration is open and we have many new options including FREE merchanting, and for the first time, you can register and bring your pet! Check back as more guests and entertainment are added! Its a Tribal Reunion!

  • Harvest of Hope Gathering

    Wed, 2017-01-04 18:24 -- DKimS

    Please join Harmony Tribe for a Harvest of Hope and Celebration on Saturday January 28th!

    Fear, worry and doubt fill the land.  By uniting as a community, we will find our inner strength to defeat these wolves of winter to return light and joy to the realm!

    This is a family friendly event and kids are most welcome!
    Please bring a dish to share for the feast.
    6565 Oakley Dr NE, Fridley, MN 55432
    Gather at 3.00 pm, Ritual begins at 4.00 pm
    Feast and fellowship to follow at 5 pm.  

    We are your People, Join Us!

  • CANCELLED - 12th Annual Harmony Tribe Reunion Yule - Sat. Dec.17th

    Mon, 2016-11-28 15:53 -- Harmony Tribe

    Given predictions of significant snow, high wind gusts and frigid temperatures, we have decided to cancell our event. We are disappointed at not seeing you and offeirng the Witch's Yule, but the risks are too high. In this time of the renewing light, gather at home with your tribe and empower the blessings we help bring to fruition this year!

    We hope to offer a ritual and feast in the new year!

    We are your People, Join Us!

  • Annual Harmony Tribe "Meet and Greet" !

    Wed, 2016-11-16 13:49 -- Harmony Tribe

     Annual Harmony Tribe "Meet and Greet" - Sun Dec 4th, 3-4.30pm

    Location : Lunds & Byerlys Northeast Minneapolis - 25 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

    Join us to meet the new Officers, Council, and Members of Harmony Tribe! We'll have snacks and a welcoming atmosphere to learn what we are all about as a 501c3 Non Profit organization, and who we are. Celebrating our twentieth year, this is a great time to consider involvement in our mission: Providing Spiritual and Educational opportunities for practitioners of Nature Based Religions. Our council meets here at 2pm, to see us in action!

    We are your People, Join Us!

    Save the Date for the Harmony Tribe Yule Community Feast and Ritual, Sat. Dec 17th!

  • Harmony Tribe Annual Meeting - Sat Nov. 12th Noon

    Mon, 2016-11-07 14:43 -- Harmony Tribe

    Harmony Tribe Annual Meeting

    Date: Sat Nov. 12th, Time:   Noon

    Location : Dunn Brothers at 2528 Hennepin Ave. South - Lowrey Hill neighborhood

    The public is invited to attend the annual meeting of Harmony Tribe, Inc. a 501c3 non profit organization. Members will be electing new officers, approving policy changes, and conducting other tribe business and future visioning. Snacks will be served and it is a great time to meet active members and learn about the organization!

    See you there!