SHF Merchant Booth

Thu, 2012-03-01 11:26 -- Harmony Tribe

We have a Merchant's Row set up at Sacred Harvest Festival so you can share your wares with our festivants! There is no cost for a booth, but we ask that you register in advance so we can plan space.

Adding the Merchant Booth to your registration will provide you with a booth space on Merchant's Row with a camping space behind.

Please note:

  1. Booths are 20 feet wide, you will have approximately 30 - 60 feet of depth for your booth and camping space. If you need additional width, please purchase more than one booth space.
  2. You must also purchase an event registration
  3. If you would like electricity you must purchase that in addition to your merchant booth
  4. Do not plan to offer any items or service that requires a city, county, or state license!
  5. Merchants are required to comply with applicable laws, including applicable sales tax

Please note, there is NO TITHE this year. Sell as many products as you can at no additional cost!

We look forward to having you, we love our merchants!

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