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Worker Bees are the heart of making Sacred Harvest Festival happen. They donate their time, effort, and sweat to make sure things are where they need to be, people are safe, our site is clean, and that both our guests and our hosts are happy at the end of the week. In exchange for their extraordinary efforts Harmony Tribe provides a discounted gate rate. Below are the requirements for taking advantage of this rate.


To be able to take advantage of the Worker Bee discounted rate you must first be A Paid Harmony Tribe Member (Costs $30 but then you can apply $20 as an additional discount to this $75) and meet the following requirements.

  • Completion of 10 hours worth of approved work prior to festival.

  • Attend the entire festival.

  • Completion of 20 hours worth of approved work during festival.

Prior to festival work hours include

  • Committee meetings with minutes submitted to the council.

  • Manning an informational booth/attending an event to promote Harmony Tribe.

  • Any other task assigned by the council that is reported on at a following meeting.

* Attending council meetings will not be included in the 10 hours.

During festival work hours include

  • Set up/tear down

  • Work shifts beyond what is required of festivants

  • Any other tasks determined to be needed and reported to council

If the Worker Bee discount is used but the required number of hours is not fulfilled the remainder of the difference between the discounted rate and the first tier rate will be due within 2 weeks.

If the remaining balance is not received within this time the following consequences will apply

  • Ineligibility to vote at the annual meeting

  • Ineligibility to renew membership

  • Ineligibility to use the Worker Bee discount in the future without council approval.

By selecting this option you are affirming that you are eligible and agree to the above terms.

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Price: $75.00
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