Sacred Harvest Festival 2004

Sacred Harvest Festival 2004

" Dark Moon Mysteries "
... seeking the shadow self

Aug 10-15th, 2004

A Pagan festival to celebrate the ritual harvest. A celebration to share a unique vision of magic tribal community before the beautiful snows of Minnesota winter begin again . . .

Join us, ... to honor the Earth, the Harvest, and the blessings of the Sky, while enjoying the benefits of a tribal community. All who embrace Nature Spirituality, Shamanism, Wicca, or Pagan earth based beliefs are welcomed to come and celebrate. This tribal community gathering includes workshops, rituals, activities for teens and children, and an opportunity to honor the sacred fire with drumming and dancing. Acceptance is our desire; tolerance, respect and love our rule.

As an organization we have grown in membership and experience to the point of offering our community two national guests of prominence this year. One from each coast! Macha is familiar to some of you through her Covenant of the Goddess work and recent Mpls. visits. Ivo is new to the Midwest and has a rich Wiccan backround as well as broad song and chant knowledge. A perfect match for our area.

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Our recent organizational work has brought us to the point of having a full experienced staff, a stable membership, and a dedication to out vision. Expect to reap the benefits of a SHF to remember this year! We still need you, to attend, to teach, to share, to vision our community. What better time than now?

Our theme is difficult this year. Inner work is not associated with large group or festival experience. It is a daunting task to pull this off as both a rewarding spiritual experience and as a festival. Festivals are all about renewal for the year, and we plan some interesting program changes for this theme to work.

We have a food vendor plus Nichole's coffee shop this year; some professional entertainment to squeeze in, and Foxfire plan's to light up the night with fire this year. All this and our rates will remain the most reasonable around!

*Image from Theseus and the Minotaur Ritual

Ivo Domingez and Macha Nightmare

Harmony Tribe Thanks our two Guests of National Prominence at Sacred Harvest Festival 2004!

Macha Nightmare

Visit the online seminary for Professional Pagan Ministry Education,Macha teaches at, Cherry Hill Seminary

Ivo Domingez Jr

Read about, and plan to visit "Between The Worlds" , A Grand Magickal Congress A major interfaith esoteric conference. Nov 4-7th Wilmington, DE

~~ Sparky T Rabbit ~~

Sparky is a nationally known singer, bard, ritualist, and pot stirrer. This year he graces us with a concert, children's workshop, and more! His recording "Lunacy", done as a duo, is still one of the most prized pagan recordings of all time. You've probably heard the intense upbeat song version which includes the chant: "They called her Isis, Estarte, Diana,....

This year Sparky returns to SHF, renewed, and offering his talents in our panels, and workshops as well as performing. A great chance to learn from a master ritualist the tricks of leaping from theater to the spiritual plane!

Sparky T Rabbit

Mystic Melange

~~ Mystic Melange ~~

Presents Dreamweave:

A journey of the senses through music, dance & fire.
Renate Sparkle-toes:
A multi-cultural vocalist, dancer, sitarist, didgeridoo, poet, percussionist, fire spinner & vibrational healer.

Heathen hillbilly fire magician Djembe, doumbek, didgeridoo, native flute & spoken word poet.

Dhanni "Lightning" Boldt:
Embarked on the drum under the late conga master, Malik Delmar. Two years later switched skin and studied tabla with rhythm wizard, Marcus Wise. Music is the bridge between the conscious & the unconscious.

Youth and Teen Programs

Young minds are fertile for knowledge and fun. Maybe you could provide one or more activities for our youth and teens. Some ideas might include a talent show, a parade, pagan game workshops or activities. If you have an offering for us please fill out the proposal form in your registration packet (soon to come!) and send it ASAP!<

Soliciting Pagan



Would you like to display your artwork or decorate a workshop site? We'd love to have your contributions to the ambiance of the festival.


We have offered the Sacred Hunt ritual for two years at Sacred Harvest Festival. It is a specialized ritual that requires a day for preparation. We will offer the hunt again this year. If you have taken part in the hunt in past years, or at Pagan Spirit Gathering, you may want to hold a workshop or plan a lunch for the ritual. Watch for the proposal form in the registration materials and sign up!

Are you a ritualist?

Are you interested in producing a ritual at our festival? Sacred Harvest Festival draws many experienced Wiccans with rich magical experience to share. Last years great rituals have inspired other to work for our community through ritual. There are rumors of a ritual to Aradia, as well as Men's and Women's Mysteries. Our theme this year; "Dark Moon Mysteries" , is rich with inspiration and we may have some late night adult rituals to fully explore it. Get involved! Link up with your group or ours and offer your community your insight.