Sacred Harvest Festival 2005


Sacred Harvest Festival 2005

" Folk Medicine, Folk Magick "

Aug 16-21st,


This year we have many talented Folk Stew to share with our community. Earil is a magical force to be reckoned with, and a hoot! Victoria Slind-Flor brings both her intellectual interests in ethnic magick and her strong artistic talent. Penny is a cherished presence at many festivals around the country, and she dances and inspires circles as she goes. She shares her experience growing up with Pow-wow magick. Frank has made our circle whole with his inspired gift of the Lodge. Now add in one of the best regional herbalists, and stir the pot! We have a rich blend of Folk Magic and Folk Medicine!

Victoria adds a strong base of knowledge of the roots of Folk Wisdom and Crafts. Penny contributes her lifelong knowledge of Amish ways and Hex magic. Earil will work with Penny to contributed a marvelous Rangoli Ritual that will bring everyone out to dance!

Image by Joe

Our famous Rituals,... we really have amazing magick in 2004 and this year the Folk will reign! We will inspire and take you on a journey to find happiness and magick, and as always, add many surprises along the way. We have built Sacred Harvest Festival around that spirit you take home with you, and the bounty will grow this year!

The Hunt Ritual returns under KC Frank's leadership. The Wild Women's camp grows, and Standing Stones Coven brings their whole clan! Our heart Chakra community fire is the hearth for late night inspiration, and many of our guests know how to stoke that fire. New Workshops, healing rituals, and kids programming.

We have a food vendor, plus Nicole's coffee shop this year; some professional entertainment to squeeze in, and Foxfire plan's to light up the night with fire this year. All this and our rates remain the most reasonable around!

Earil Wilson,

Earil Wilson, Visionary Sourceress

Now from Las Vegas, Nevada, Earil moved frequently as a navy brat. She grew up in North Dakota, near Fort Berthold Reservation, where she was first exposed to Native American shamanism.

Earil grew up????

Earil earned a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts from Ohio State in painting and sculpture and an Associate Degree in photography and illustration from Tomkins Cortland Community College.

She has read tarot and runes professionally for 28 years. She is known in new age and pagan communities across the country as a perfumier of great skill. Earil says, "I have been both voluntarily and involuntarily been learning the ways of spirit since the age of seven." She has been known to have a clue and to ruthlessly apply it "upside the head" of those desperately needing its application by her judicious use of her "clue by four" [pun].

HER UNFAILING PATIENCE AND GOOD HUMOR ARE AN INSPIRATION... cough, cough... she is an amateur roadside taxidermist and an incorrigible punster. She has been called a crack pot prophetess, a sacred fool, and jester to the Gods. Her motto is "if it ain't fun I ain't doin' it!"

Areas of study include Celtic, Russian/Siberian, Mongolian, Tibetan, Scandinavian, Australian and Polynesian shamanism and mythology. She is initiated in West African Orisha traditions. She is experienced in healing techniques of many cultures, soul retrievals, journeying in upper and lower worlds, and ceremonial and practical magic.

She is a self professed kitchen witch and non-linear omitraditionalist as well as a singer/song writer, poet, musician, and actress. Most of all she's a successful seat of the pants visionary sourceress.

Earil says, "I have spent my life learning all things are connected and that the entire web of life is my playground, so therefore the only thing in my life that truly is impossible is skiing through a revolving door."

Victoria Slind-Flor

Victoria Slind-Flor, Journalist and Artist

In Victoria's mundane life, she writes about technology and intellectual-property law for a variety of legal publications. She is also the author of two chapters in the newly released Citadel Press book, Celebrating the Pagan Soul. She lives in Oakland, California where, for a number of years, she was art priestess to a Bay Area women's circle.

In 2004 she had her first one-artist show, comprised of various textile images of Sheela-na-gig. Presently she teaches at Cherry Hill Pagan Seminary. She has presented goddess-oriented workshops workshops at Pantheacon in California and Gaia's Womb in Illinois.

Victoria's ethnic heritage is Norwegian and Saami (Laplander), and she studies the pre-Christian religious beliefs of both cultures.

Presently she is looking for hidden Goddess imagery in the needlework and other craft forms of the two cultural groups. She is also interested in both Saami joik and Norwegian kulnings --cattle calls-- as musical forms that express the divine immenence of all creation.

Frank Chartrand

Born in Manitoba Canada in the year of the eagle landing on the moon. My spiritual name is stone sky man, from the Birdtail Sioux reservation # 57 in Manitoba.

My journey of learning these ways began when I was 16 years old, for this was the first time, I had actually met and seen another 'Indian'. My journey began through a troublesome period of battling addictions. I found my way back home and learned some of the teachings from relatives that lived on the reserve, then I traveled once more.

I have met and learned from elders spread through out the regional provinces of Canada and across the United States. These elders are of the Ojibway, Lakota, Dakota cultures, and many other gatherings held by native elders of different bands or tribes. I have participated and pierced in the gathering - they dance mysteriously looking under the sun - or as most would entitle it, the 'Sundance'. My commitment to this way of giving of myself, shows that I have walked the path to help others, as well a carry the mystery pipe - or sacred pipe.

In these many years of learning traditional teachings of the circle and plant medicines, I have earned the entitlement to sit in the honored place in the mystery purification lodge, and to pour water for the people. The teachings and songs of which I do are in the Lakota way, though I am of the Dakota / Ojibway heritage. With all of what I do or have to share, it must be understood that these are not of my teachings, they are of those elders that have given of themselves so others may live, and keep the circle strong.

HO hetchu tu lila wopila mitakuye o wasin - ( This is all I have to say, thank you! We are all related )
stone sky man

Penny Goody, Spirit Dancer

Penny Goody

Penny is an established board member of the Church and School of Wicca, offering seminars, "play shops" and videos through the School.

She received her Doctorate of Divinity degree in 1990.

A fixture at many festivals, doing children's programming and encouraging dance and bonfire magick. A member of the Sacred Dance Guild since 1968, she is the state chapter representative for this international organization.

Born of Amish parents, Penny grew up learning and living the path of "Hexerie" and folk magic.

Steven Posch

Steven Posch
Storyteller, Ritualist, and Semiticist

Poet, master ritualist, and storyteller Steven Posch was raised by white-tailed deer in the hardwood forests of western Pennsylvania. To this he attributes his whippy, lean build and fine rack. Blooded to the Horned One in adolescence, he has been his priest and devoted friend ever since. Steven's passion for the elder Ones and their Ways is driven by his far-ranging scholarship; his writings have appeared widely in the Pagan media, both in print and on-line. His first CD compilation of original stories, Radio Paganistan: Folktales of the Urban Witches appeared in 2004; his book Lost Gods of the Witches: The Repolytheization of the Craft is currently in preparation.

A naturalized Paganistani since 1979, Steven (alias Tsemakh ben Kna'an, Johnny Deer and Hoof Daddy) aspires to be the first witch of modern times burned at the stake by other witches. More about Steven can be found on the Web at

Mystic Melange returns in 2005 with Susu and Lazer

Don't miss the Foxfire fire show!

Big Joe Credit
...Bard, folk singer, song writer

I have played guitar for as long as I can remember, going back at least until the late fifties. I played rock and roll bands, as a folk singer in my native Boston and New York, worked pit bands for summer stock theater, and took a degree in music.

I never felt like I could create with it until I was inspired by the people I met in the pagan community. I started writing songs about the people and experiences I gathered with them. My son joined with me shortly afterward, and we met Beltana at Starwood in 2000.

We formed the pagan band Sona and played at festivals all over the country for the next two years. We had some artistic and personal differences, and split up in 2002. Since then, I have been writing sporadicaly and playing festivals here and there. Little Joe and I have agreed, however, to collaborate again on some new music and maybe a tour next year.

A few years back, I attended the Sacred Harvest Festival and was so impressed with the people there that I had to write a song about it. I am thrilled to be coming back this year, and look forward to seeing all of the Tribe again.