Sacred Harvest Festival 2009

Living the Wheel

Mirth and Reverence in Everyday Life

August 8 - 16th, 2009

Living the Wheel, ... all those life events, Sabbats, moons, feast days, and seasons that mark the passage of the Year, until we gather again each August! How do we live the cycle each day? How do we note and honor each moment? What reverence is offered as we buy a cup of coffee, or make a bus driver smile?

This year immerse yourself in practical wisdom for Pagan Families from Lydia Crabtree and learn from local author Veronica Cummer. Relive 30 years of our mirthful history with Pagan Tales round the SHF 2009 fire from Prudence Priest .

If our many workshops, our rich family culture and village life do not call to you, save yourself each evening for our most diverse rituals we have offered ever!

At days end, relax to entertainment from the ladies of Bella Wyck , who will hold you spellbound!

SHF 2009 Artwork by Joe Jarvinen


Lydia Crabtree

Founder of Family Wiccan Traditions International, featured in Modern Witch Magazine, Circle Magazine, The Witches' Voice, and numerous e-zines, first place for Non-Fiction, Spirit One Webzine and author of the forthcoming book Family Coven: Creating Magic at Home (Fall, 2009 - Llewellyn). With a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Concentration in Theatre, Lydia is a pioneer in the area of family spirituality and coined the terms Family Coven, Mother and Wife Priestess and Father and Husband Priest. FWTI is a legal 501c3. Lydia is a High Priestess and Reverend, ordained to perform pastoral duties in all fifty states.

Lydia has presented at PantheaCon, StarFest, Pagan Unity Festival, ConVocation and many other national events. An accomplished medium and tarot practitioner, Lydia will give readings as a fundraiser for Sacred Harvest Festival, check with festival organizers to book your reading. Time slots are limited!

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Lydia Crabtree

Prudence Priest

Prudence Priest

Prudence Priest is a pioneer in the Northern European Tradition and a member of the Rune Guild in Austin,Texas. The High Priestess of the coven Amaranth Energies for over 30 years, she left Dayton, Ohio in 1981 and moved to San Francisco where she became involved with Covenant of the Goddess ( COG ) and Asatru. She is an Elder in COG and has served as their national newsletter editrix and ethics officer. She produces her own journal “Yggdrasil” , one of the oldest continually published pagan newsletters in the world. She is an Astrologer, Herbalist and singer of rowdy and religious songs around many a campfire and many a Festival. She has been reputed to be working on a book on Teutonic Astrology and Cosmogony and building a Hof ( temple ) at Folkvangur, a 17 acre Heathen sanctuary near Cobb, CA . She is the proud owner of a Hof in Lithuania with the World Congress on Ethnic Religions.

She also translated “Demonographia ; The Fountainhead of Diabolical Portraiture” In her copious spare time, she deals amber at Festivals. Fun is her middle name. She is the original Hosette !

Veronica Cummer

Veronica Cummer has been a witch for 20 years, more if you count growing up on a farm in rural Iowa, running wild in the woods, conjuring up storms, and turning pig´s teeth into magickal talismans. After moving to Minnesota, she was a staff writer and artist for several years for the now-retired Twin Cities magazine, Pagan Ink. Her work has more recently appeared in NewWitch, The Beltane Papers, and The Crooked Path Journal.

Her first book, Sorgitzak-Old Forest Craft, came out in 2008 from Pendraig Publishing and has been #1 pagan book on Amazon. Her second book, Masks of the Muse, was released in 2009. She also has an essay in the book Talking About the Elephant: An Anthology of Neopagan Perspectives on Cultural Appropriation put out by Megalithica Books.

She has been a priestess of the Old Forest Craft for over 14 years and has a close association with the Fey, particularly the spirits of Air and Dawn, the whole bright and tricksy tribe of them.


Veronica Cummer

Bella Wyck

BellaWyck is a group of like spirits who are filled with the Love and Spirit of the Great Goddess. Their unique sound combines Gothic Rock, Torchy Blues, and Mystical Earth Chants into their music that is inspired by Goddess, the Gods, and all of this Earth that surrounds them. Their mirthful Spellsongs about the magickal bonds of sisterhood, mixed with sensual and enchanting tunes about the sacred Chalice and the symbolic magick within each of us, inspires us all to be empowered souls... A remembrance to have as much fun as possible on this life journey, while being good to others, is the message. Join us for show that is sure to be entertaining and visually stimulating, filled with the sounds of spellsong voices, the melodies of the guitar, drums, bass, violins, and various percussives, for a performance that will delight and enchant you.

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